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Acoustic control system for BOP operation - ACS500

The Acoustic Control System - ACS500 is designed for acoustic control of Blow Out Preventer - BOP and subsea production units. The subsea unit may control up to 16 different functions.

An advanced acoustic telemetry link, using either the latest technology, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, or upon request from operator: the traditionally used Frequency Shift Keying. This provides a reliable communication in noisy and reverberant offshore environment and maintains compatibility with new and existing topside control system.

Acoustic control system operating depths

The ACS500 system is delivered as medium frequency (MF) system and can be delivered for water depths down to 4000 meters (13000 feet).


Customer benefits

  • Acoustic BOP emergency control system which also includes monitoring features
  • Monitoring features for temperature and pressure etc. with acoustic sensor data communication
  • Acoustic control communication which support both digital wideband protocol based on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum based on Phase shift keying - PSK, in addition to traditional frequency shift keying - FSK
  • Acoustic communication with high reliability in noisy and reverberant offshore environment
  • Dedicated address for each subsea controller unit
  • Two-way communication
  • Operator override of two-way communication
  • Off-line BOP status reading and command test
  • Dual transceivers in subsea unit
  • Dual transducers on subsea unit
  • Long range acoustic link option for production tree control
  • System self-test diagnostics
  • Portable control unit for over the side helicopter and life boat use
  • Possibility of Integration of the acoustic control system with an Hydroacoustic Position and Reference System, HiPAP and HPR, also makes the surface system redundant

Services and support

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