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When the Norwegian government awarded 11 new licenses for the well-known passenger and cargo route from Bergen to Kirkenes, calling at 36 ports, a key requirement was to ensure a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

KONGSBERG’s battery hybrid power solution delivers energy efficiency and lowers emissions

Norwegian ship owning company Havila Kystruten AS was awarded four of the licenses and subsequently ordered four new build Ro-Pax vessels based on its own Havyard 923 design. All four ships include a comprehensive package of equipment from Kongsberg Maritime designed to reduce emissions substantially.

The Kongsberg Maritime scope is based on a hybrid propulsion system comprising main Azipull propulsion thrusters with Permanent Magnet (PM) drive motor, PM tunnel thrusters, and Neptune 200 stabilisers.

The main propulsion thrusters with integrated PM motors have been developed in close cooperation with the ship designers, to ensure optimal integration with the hull. The energy-efficient tunnel thrusters allow for a slimmer hull shape due to their narrow design, which fits well with the project’s overarching goal of energy efficiency and low emissions.

The low noise and vibration levels of the PM tunnel thrusters, combined with the roll damping effect of the stabilisers, will benefit the comfort of both passengers and crew.

Operational flexibility

The Bergen engines for all four ships will be of dual-fuel type, operating on diesel (including biodiesel) or, primarily, liquefied natural gas (LNG). The two LNG fuel tanks will include process system and control and safety systems. The power plant comprises two nine-cylinder and two six-cylinder gas engines, which will operate on variable speed to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

The two separate LNG fuel systems offer flexibility to bunker both tanks from the same side of the ship, as well as the option to supply the front and aft machine rooms from both tanks. This ensures high redundancy and flexibility during operation.

Green credentials impressive

When running on LNG, the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are reduced by about 20% compared operating with a diesel engine of similar power. Emissions of sulphur oxides and particulate matter are almost completely eliminated, while nitrogen oxides are significantly reduced, to below IMO Tier 3 limits.

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