Impressive 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption during crane operations


Bulk cargo vessel Grieg Star Laguna has achieved an impressive 30% saving in fuel consumption during loading operations through the application of a KONGSBERG battery hybrid reserve power installation.

Fuel consumption lowered

The 50,827dwt self-unloading bulk cargo vessel owned by Grieg Star Shipping, was experiencing challenges related to excessive power from crane loading operations, causing the engines to run ineffectively and use unnecessary fuel.

Kongsberg Maritime proposed a simple hybrid reserve solution, based on batteries, allowing the vessel to store energy created when the cranes were being lowered, and use this to overcome power peaks resulting from the cargo loading operations.

Previously, Grieg Star Laguna had to use large amounts of engine power, and hence burn more fuel, during crane operations. Grieg Star Laguna’s hybrid reserve means that one fewer of its generating set engines is needed during its complex crane operations.

“The principle is highly similar to the way electric cars store energy whenever the car brakes. In short, the battery system allows energy that is developed when the cranes lower cargo to be stored, making it possible to reuse this energy when cargo is loaded.”
Terje Valset, VP Energy and Handling - Kongsberg Maritime

Operating on full power

The batteries consist of three cabinets with a total weight of 1.5 tons. When full power is needed, the hybrid reserve offloads the engines with a 73kWh battery which can deliver 10 times its capacity for 20 seconds.

The battery charges when cranes are lowered and the vessel currently uses 30% less fuel than before the batteries were installed. Moreover, both emissions and maintenance costs are reduced. This, in turn, leads to lower emissions, and thus better air quality in port, while operating the cranes more efficiently means time in harbour.

“In addition to reducing our CO2 emissions, we have also reduced our emissions of SOX, NOX and soot particles. In turn, this means we contribute to improved air quality at ports. Moreover, our cranes are now operated more effectively, which means our time at port is reduced.”
Camilla Grieg , CEO Grieg Star

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