A powerful decision support tool for vessel optimisation


The EcoAdvisor™ is a proactive and intelligent decision support system for more efficient vessel operation. It monitors the vessel operation and its environment of the vessel, including power generation, propulsion, environmental forces and control system dynamic. ​With these insights, the EcoAdvisor™ helps operators to achieve reductions in fuel, emission and maintenance cost, without compromising vessel redundancy margin or operating efficiency.

“EcoAdvisor™ demonstrates clearly how digital solutions can help vessel operators remain competitive in a growing green market.”
Odd Hagen, VP Offshore Sales, Kongsberg Maritime


The EcoAdvisor™ is an decision support tool to optimize operation of vessels that have a DP system. A DP vessel can be in many type of operations, e.g., moored, transit, standby and only DP. Different rules and regulations will apply for each operation type when it comes to vessel equipment usage and utilisation, and it is often challenging for the crew to measure and make qualified decisions on the various operational modes.

Several factors contribute to inefficiencies, such as multiple engines running at low utilization, varying loads from thrusters and large power fluctuations due to mission equipment. ​

The EcoAdvisor™ creates an intelligent and comprehensive overview of the factors mentioned above. It delivers advices that enable efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions without compromising vessel redundancy margin.

The Voyage Energy Calculator (VEC), which is included in EcoAdvisor™, assists the operator in planning for a more efficient voyage. The VEC will help to visualize how much energy consumption the voyage will have for different departure and arrival times, for a given speed window. By considering the weather forecast on the route and the added power due to the weather, the VEC assists the operator in planning for a more energy efficient voyage

STEP BY STEP - walk through the entire process of EcoAdvisor™


  • DATA - Collecting and analyzing real-time data from various systems onboard​

  • ADVICE - Based on analysis, operational advice is provided to the Captain, DP operator and Chief Engineer on what machineries can be stopped to run the vessel more efficiently. This advice is dynamic – if a change in the weather conditions, power plant system or DP system settings is detected, EcoAdvisor’s ™ recommendations will change accordingly.

  • PLANNING – The Voyage Energy Calculator assist in planning for a more energy efficient voyage by considering the weather forecast.

  • SAFETY - EcoAdvisor™ does not compromise on the safety and the DP integrity of the vessel

  • SUSTAINABLE – The insights from the EcoAdvisor™ helps operators to achieve reductions in fuel, emission and maintenance cost, without compromising vessel redundancy margin or operating efficiency.​

The intuitive design of the EcoAdvisor™ gives the operator a full overview of which actions can be performed and the benefits that can be achieved. With assistance of the unique Balance Profile the operator can set up the vessel for a more efficient operation while at the same time assuring the safety of the operation.

Display Views

The users can navigate between different views namely, savings, technical, voyage energy calculator and history based on their roles and interests.

The balance profile shows where the user is on the efficiency - redundancy margin and indicates that they can achieve efficiency while being safe (the “optimal” spot) by following the suggested actions. 

This section shows details of the efficiency and redundancy visualized in the Balance Profile. Additionally it shows a simple single line view with suggested actions indicated together with power losses and hotel load deviations.

The history and reporting page provides an overview of previous generated and followed adviced including:
* Information on vessel operation and power profile.
* Suggested and followed actions.
* Achieved savings in terms of fuel, emissions and maintenance cost.

We aim to reduce energy usage and speed up the culture change towards more environmentally friendly operations and cost reduction.
Kongsberg Maritime