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Business ethics and conduct

Based on our four values - determination, innovation, collaboration and reliability - all of us are committed to conducting our business ethically and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in the markets where we operate.

This is a responsibility at every level of KONGSBERG. Top-level management and senior management are completely committed to the lawful and proper conduct of our business. We ensure that we conduct business that follows our code of ethics amongst our customers, regulators and authorities, partners and colleagues. 

We respect cultural, environmental and ethnic diversity in our operations, and are particularly aware of our legal, ethical and social responsibilities when entering new geographical areas. This applies to aspects of our own operation, including our supply chain.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is applicable to all companies within KONGSBERG, including majority-owned companies. For minority-owned companies, as well as partnerships and constellations not involving ownership, we encourage the same level of responsibility. 

Group directors, management, employees and market representatives are obligated to this. When acting on behalf of KONGSBERG you are representing more than just yourself; you are representing an entire company with all our employees and a value chain and ecosystem that stretches beyond. We have to be proactive and aware. We are a company with a strong culture, driven by our four values. We are reliable citizens.

“KONGSBERG takes the prevention of corruption very seriously. We have zero tolerance for corruption among our employees, consultants or business associates. As a company with significant international activities, KONGSBERG has implemented a comprehensive anti-corruption programme, and high ethical standards are an integral part of our business.”

Geir Håæy, President and CEO Geir Håæy, President and CEO KONGSBERG

Our Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as employee

Participate in fostering a solid and robust culture of ethical behavior. Comply with this Code and other governing documents and applicable laws that are relevant to your work. Consult with your leader or Compliance Officer if you are in doubt about an ethics or compliance issue. Any unresolved questions should be addressed to KONGSBERGs Corporate Compliance Officer or Legal Department. Report any suspicion or observation of misconduct to your supervisor or Compliance Officer, or follow the routines for “Raising Concerns”. Never misuse reporting of concerns to harm others. Read more about this in CHAPTER: KONGSBERG’s practice and follow-up.

Responsibilities of leaders

Act as ethical role models and demonstrate intolerance for unethical behavior.  Ensure that the Code is made known and complied with in own organization. Any “Raising Concern” issue shall be handled following the internal procedures.

We will treat people with respect and dignity

All of our operations shall comply with local and relevant international legislation and generally accepted frameworks. We will respect all internationally recognised human rights.

All of our operations shall comply with local and relevant international legislation and generally accepted frameworks. We will respect all internationally recognised human rights.

The safety of our employees and other individuals performing work on our behalf is of the utmost importance to KONGSBERG. Risks and threats that could cause harm to personnel on duty, on and off-site, shall be identified, analysed and controlled. All entities shall have updated emergency plans and regularly carry out exercises in accordance with these plans. KONGSBERG shall work continuously to be a safe, productive and stimulating place to work, and to ensure an inclusive working environment.

We will not accept discrimination of any kind, e.g. due to gender, race, family situation, sexual orientation,ethnicity, culture, union membership or religion. We are to conduct ourselves with integrity, showing respect for colleagues and others we meet in the course of our work. Bullying, harassment and similar behaviour will not be tolerated. KONGSBERG opposes every form of trafficking, including the purchase of sexual services. Caution should be exercised with alcohol at events held under the auspices of KONGSBERG, and alcohol-free alternatives should always exist. KONGSBERG’s employees should exhibit moderation with alcohol when they represent the company. During travel, individuals are also deemed to be representing KONGSBERG after ordinary working hours.

Our operations shall be sustainable

Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

KONGSBERG is committed to achieve a sustainable development in our operations, to strike a good balance between financial results, value creation and corporate social responsibility. The value created will benefit owners, stakeholders and society-at-large. Business opportunities aimed at promoting a sustainable future shall be a part of KONGSBERG’s strategic assessments, and we will leverage our competence and expertise towards contributing to developing a sustainable future.

The climate and environment

KONGSBERG shall act responsibly and aim to reduce our footprint on the environment. This includes discharges to water, air and ground, consumption of resources, hereunder energy consumption, water consumption and waste treatment. We shall focus on reducing direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases in our operations.

Sustainable Supply Chain

In collaboration with our suppliers, KONGSBERG shall strive to ensure that operations are conducted in compliance with internationally recognised principles for business ethics and corporate social responsibility. In selecting suppliers, some of our assessment criteria shall be the suppliers' work with human rights and workers' rights and anti-corruption, and the supplier's work in the area of climate and the environment. KONGSBERG has drawn up dedicated principles for supplier conduct, in order to ensure this.

KONGSBERG’s principles apply to the entire supply chain. In cases where irregularities are discovered in relation to the supplier principles, remedial measures shall be implemented.

KONGSBERG's practice and follow-up

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal requirements is an important part of our corporate governance activities.

This Code is approved by the Board of Directors in KONGSBERG. The CEO is authorized to sign the Code and approve documented and justified deviations from the Code.

The number of regulations and enforcement activities are growing internationally, and the regulatory environment is becoming more and more challenging. This makes it more important than ever that all our employees and other that represent KONGSBERG are aware of, knowledgeable of, and act according to applicable regulations.

KONGSBERG considers it important that employees provide feedback on matters perceived as positive as well as on matters perceived as negative, to protect the company, our colleagues and our stakeholders. KONGSBERG encourages all who become aware of potential violations of this Code, relevant laws and regulations, or KONGSBERG governing documents to notify appropriate company personnel.

Reporting of concerns

Employees who are aware of any violation of laws and regulations, or KONGSBERG governing documents shall immediately report to the responsible superior or follow KONGSBERG’s guidelines for reporting concerns.

KONGSBERG has internal guidelines for following up on reported concerns. KONGSBERG will not tolerate any form of reprisals against anyone who, in good faith, reports a violation or suspected violation of this code.

Employees can seek guidance from the HR department, the Ombudsmen, the Compliance Officers or by posting email to

Follow-up and consequences

Any non-compliance with this Code, KONGSBERG’s governing documents and/or relevant laws and regulations, shall be followed up and consequences shall be predictable and proportionate.

Infringement of the Group's ethical rules or relevant statutory provisions can lead to disciplinary measures or dismissal, and may be reported to the relevant authorities. Any direct participation in corrupt activities, even if no benefit is received by the employee, will normally lead to termination of employment and reported to authorities. Similarly applies to contractual parties, even if the corruption may not relate to business or other interaction with or for KONGSBERG.