Kongsberg Maritime Protecting people and planet by innovating technology today, for a better tomorrow

Our sustainability commitment

Protecting people and planet by innovating technology today, for a better tomorrow 

Driving sustainable change

We aim to be the leading partner in the decarbonisation of the maritime industry through our dedication to sustainability in product development, pioneering technologies, and environmental responsibility. A commitment to transparency and accountability underpins all our sustainability initiatives. We believe that through collaboration, we can create a more sustainable future for all. 


  • Increased operational efficiency, reduction of energy consumption, and environmental impact for maritime industries.
  • Observation, monitoring, and management of marine natural resources.
  • Carbon-neutral solutions, such as offshore wind and zero-emission vessels.

A shared passion that unites us all

  • Lisa Edvardsen Haugen President, Kongsberg Maritime
  • “As a technology provider, we recognise the opportunity to innovate and continuously improve our technology to drive smarter, greener, and more efficient operations at sea. We foresee a future where operations at sea are sustainable and greenhouse gas neutral, with Kongsberg Maritime technology being at the forefront of this transition, protecting people and planet”. 

    Lisa Edvardsen Haugen - President, Kongsberg Maritime 

Our commitment to you and the planet

Our sustainability approach

Sustainable product development

At our core, we are passionate about sustainability. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s our guiding principle, woven into every product we offer. When you choose our solutions, you’re not only advancing your own sustainability goals but also becoming a vital part of the global effort to protect our precious oceans and planet.

Pioneering technologies for decarbonisation

We’re not just following the tides; we’re charting a new course in the maritime industry. Our pioneering technologies and solutions are dedicated to decarbonising this vital sector. We’re leading the charge in digitalising 
maritime operations, aspiring to be your foremost Energy Transition Partner and Integrator, and guiding your journey towards cleaner fuels. With a focus on seamless systems integration and emerging ocean space technologies, we’re committed to a sustainable future at sea.

Environmental responsibilities 

We’re fully committed to protecting people and planet. Our innovative solutions for sustainable oceans go beyond just business – they’re a heartfelt promise to protect our planet’s most crucial biodiversity. Saving our oceans for the generations to come is more than a duty; it’s our moral obligation. 

Our environmental responsibilities at a glance: 

  • Protection of marine biodiversity: Our initiatives protect and preserve marine environments through sustainable business practices. 
  • Energy efficiency: Our efforts reduce energy consumption and emissions in the company’s operations and products.
  • Resource management: We manage resources responsibly, including waste reduction and recycling.

Working together to build a brighter future for all our futures.

Download the full sustainability report and read at your leisure.

Running short of time?

Download the full sustainability report and read it at your leisure.

  • Learn more about how we are transforming the maritime industry.

Strong values that drive our passion, fuel our innovation, and enable change.

See how our technology and solutions make the difference...

We are making the difference

Discover customer success stories that demonstrate our commitment to sustainable oceans. These case studies show the global and profound influence of our cutting-edge technology on people and planet for generations to come. 

Your frequent questions answered...

1. What is Kongsberg Maritime doing towards its own sustainability goals?

Kongsberg Maritime is committed to reducing its own environmental impact and promoting sustainable development. The company has set several ambitious targets, including: 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030
  • Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy sources 
  • Developing sustainable marine technology solutions 

2. How is Kongsberg Maritime reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions?

Kongsberg Maritime is taking steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, including:

  • Investing in energy-efficient technologies 
  • Developing technologies for emission-free marine vessels 
  • Promoting the use of sustainable fuels
  • Encouraging employee participation in sustainability initiatives

3. What is Kongsberg Maritime doing to promote sustainable development?

In addition to its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Kongsberg Maritime is also working to promote sustainable development in a number of other areas, including: 

  • Developing innovative solutions for marine environmental monitoring and protection 
  • Supporting the development of sustainable aquaculture and offshore wind energy
  • Promoting responsible supply chain practices
  • Encouraging employee participation in sustainability initiatives

4. How is Kongsberg Maritime measuring its progress on sustainability?

Kongsberg Maritime tracks its progress on sustainability through several key performance indicators (KPIs), including: 

  • Greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Energy consumption 
  • Waste generation
  • Water consumption 
  • Sustainable procurement 

5. What are some of Kongsberg Maritime's recent sustainability achievements?

In recent years, Kongsberg Maritime has achieved a number of significant milestones in its sustainability efforts, including: 

  • Achieving a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2015 
  • Developing the world's first battery-powered autonomous passenger ferry  
  • Securing a contract to supply a zero-emission wind farm support vessel 

6. How is Kongsberg Maritime engaging with stakeholders on sustainability?

Kongsberg Maritime is committed to engaging with its stakeholders on sustainability, including: 

  • Customers
  • Suppliers 
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • Governments and regulators 

The company has several initiatives in place to engage with stakeholders on sustainability, including: 

  • Publishing an annual sustainability report 
  • Hosting sustainability workshops and conferences
  • Participating in industry sustainability initiatives 

7. What are some of the challenges Kongsberg Maritime faces in achieving its sustainability goals?

Kongsberg Maritime faces some challenges in achieving its sustainability goals, including: 

  • The need to develop new technologies 
  • The need to change customer behaviour 
  • The need to manage costs

8. How is Kongsberg Maritime responding to these challenges?

Kongsberg Maritime is responding to these challenges by: 

  • Investing in research and development 
  • Partnering with other companies and organisations
  • Raising awareness of sustainability issues 

9. What are the future sustainability priorities for Kongsberg Maritime?

Kongsberg Maritime's future sustainability priorities include: 

  • Further reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Developing new sustainable marine technology solutions 
  • Promoting the use of sustainable fuels 
  • Encouraging employee participation in sustainability initiatives  

10. How can I learn more about Kongsberg Maritime's sustainability efforts?

You can learn more about Kongsberg Maritime's sustainability efforts by downloading the company's full sustainability report: Download now