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02 Jul 20 10:00 – 02 Jul 20 11:00

Ferries of the Future…Here Now with Kongsberg Maritime

(CEST) 60 min - Webinar
Kongsberg Maritime supplies the “Full Picture” from Bridge to Propeller and this webinar brings together our expertise across Bridge Systems, Power Solutions & Propulsions Systems for Ferries & RO-PAX vessels. We will begin discussing modern navigation systems, introduction of new sensor technologies and automatic maneuvering.

This section of the webinar will touch on how new innovations derived from marine autonomy programs might increase safety and efficiency of manned vessels, with focus on bridge systems, and relevance to passenger vessels.

We will then take a walk through our innovative and market leading Power Solutions to demonstrate how we can help vessels achieve Hybrid or Pure Battery Status.

Finally we will explore some of our Propulsion Systems and discuss the importance of being early in the design phase to look at the hull and propulsion together for optimizing performance and how Kongsberg Hydro dynamic research center can be utilized to optimize the propulsion on a RO-PAX ferry.

Time:         Jul 02, 2020 10:00 (CEST) in Oslo
Venue:       60 min - Webinar

Roger Trinterud
Sales Director – Cruise, Yacht and Passenger @Kongsberg Maritime
With a background as ships electrician, and a Bachelor in robotics, Roger started as a service engineer on Kongsberg bridge systems back in 1997, and has held various positions within customer support and sales.

Andreas Malmkvist
Deputy General Manager product for Kamewa propellers and Promas systems @Kongsberg Maritime
He has a master degree from Chalmers University of technology in Gothenburg Sweden. Currently positioned in Kristinehamn, Sweden. Andreas joined the company 2006 and has worked on a broad span of various positions since (from detailed system calculations to sales and project management), and today manages several groups of technical engineers. Andreas has through his years within the company developed a special interest and expertise for ferries and their propulsion systems.

Per Nahnfeldt
General Product Manager of Electric propulsion @Kongsberg Maritime
He has a master degree in vehicle engineering from Royal institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently positioned in Kristinehamn, Sweden. Per joined the company in 1999 and has had different roles spanning from engineering and technology to sales and management. Most of his time in the company Per has been involved with electric propulsion and has a vast knowledge in the field of podded propulsion.

Jens Hjorteset
Manager - Energy Solutions @Kongsberg Maritime
Jens is Manager – Energy Solutions playing a leading role in KM`s journey towards greener shipping. Responsible for zero and low emission power systems. He is an engineer holding a BSc in product development and technology integration, and four trade certificates in power electronics and automation. More than 20 years of on- and offshore marine experience, and expertise in electrical system solutions, energy storage and environmentally friendly technology.