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Situational Awareness

Enhancing safety through intelligent data fusion.

Where are you and what surrounds you? At KONGSBERG, we care about the environment around your vessel. Our cutting-edge solutions provide precise, reliable and real-time data for detecting, classifying and observing objects, vessels and the shoreline, as well as own position, velocity and attitude information. We deliver dynamic coverage up to 360° and a configurable operator view to ensure that your KONGSBERG situational awareness system meets your operational needs.


Our pioneering Situational Awareness  solution represents a major advance in ship safety.

The system is the first of our Ship Intelligence, remote and autonomous solutions to be developed for commercial marine application. Combining multiple sensors with intelligent software, Situational Awareness is designed to mitigate the risks navigators face, especially in poor weather conditions, congested waters or at night. Essentially, it gives the master and bridge personnel a supreme understanding of the ship’s surroundings.

Situational Awareness builds on our extensive experience within research into autonomous vessels, gained through participation in a number of research projects.

The system provides the bridge with a better understanding of the ship's surroundings than ever before.



KONGSBERG SeaAware gives unrivalled situational awareness enabled by the latest in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques in combination with traditional sensor fusion.

We fuse radar and electro-optical sensors, together with attitude, positioning and AIS sensor data to provide reliable information on all static and moving objects inside the coverage area. The navigator is provided this information from a single source, removing the need for manual tuning of sensors and correlating their outputs, all of this happens automatically in the SeaAware engine.


The navigator’s eyes are always on watch. To replace or assist them a camera platform with uncompromising precision and reliability is needed. KONGSBERG SeaEye delivers just this, in a compact and hard-wearing housing, with configurable 40 to 360 degrees coverage. We utilize the latest in machine vision CMOS technology to enable crystal clear imagery across all scenarios, including low-light.

KONGSBERG SeaEye can be delivered with precise optical parameters describing each camera. These parameters together with mechanics tested and approved for the rough maritime environment, enables unrivalled pixel precision when integrating the platform into a machine vision application.

KONGSBERG ProximityView

The KONGSBERG ProximityView offers full 360 degrees camera coverage of the proximity zone fusing sensor data into the view, such as: objects, distances, velocities, acceleration, system status and planned path.

A typical use for ProximityView will be during docking and departure. With the use of traditional CCTV cameras, it is difficult for a navigator to judge the distance to quay, this is often solved with the use of bridge wings in ship design. Using KONGSBERG ProximityView however, the navigator will have full control of the steel to quay distances from the comfort of his normal steering position, or a shore control centre.