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Important agreement between Kongsberg Maritime and Vestfold University College

Kongsberg Maritime sponsors five year professorship.

From left: Geir Håøy, President Kongsberg Maritime and Petter Aasen, Rector Vestfold University College. Photo courtesy of Vestfold University College.

Kongsberg Maritime and Vestfold University College (HiVe) today (30th March 2012) signed a cooperation agreement that will be an important element in efforts to develop a Maritime Competence Centre in the Oslo Fjord. Initially, the collaboration includes an endowed professorship for HiVe, financed by Kongsberg Maritime over 5 years.

HiVe has in recent years built up one of the leading communities in the interaction between man and machine, under the banner 'Human Factors'. The College provides comprehensive education and research into maritime professions, and recently started offering a master's degree in maritime management.

"We wish to be an active contributor to the local Vestfold community. This agreement makes us able to better promote the development of world class maritime education and maritime research", commented Petter Aasen, Rector at Vestfold University College.

Kongsberg Maritime is one of the world's largest suppliers of marine control systems and technology, and sees the gift professorship as a way to strengthen research within Human Factors in the maritime environment. The agreement will create closer links between academia and industry. For the college it means the possibility of acquiring important new skills whilst Kongsberg Maritime will benefit from access to research results that can be used in future products.

"In a world with ever more complex operations and decisions, we see the focus shifting from technology that supports the operator towards including the support of an operation or work-task. Safe operation is becoming increasingly important for customers and users of our equipment. We therefore wish to establish an environment where we can strengthen this kind of expertise and our connection with HiVe will support this," says Ketil Paulsen, General Manager, Merchant Marine at Kongsberg Maritime in Horten.

The Oslofjord area has Norway's largest maritime cluster, with shipping, service and technology development in abundance. The maritime industry is of great importance for the development of the region and has proved to be a positive development. It is a highly skilled industry, and through continued high levels of competence, Norway's competitiveness on the world stage can be strengthened.

With this as a background, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (NHD) has tasked HiVe with building a Maritime Competence Center in the Oslo Fjord and Kongsberg Maritime, along with other maritime companies in the region are committed to supporting the university in this goal.