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New generation Loading Computer

Consultas has been a Loading Computer maker since the company was founded in 1972. More than 2000 installations have been carried out and several hundreds of vessels are currently sailing with the latest Windows version installed.

C-Loading is a modular software consisting of a wide range of function modules which can be assembled together with great flexibility. The modularity yields a Loading Computer solution which is tailored to the needs and requirements of each particular vessel type.

The main objective has been to develop an easy-to-use Loading Computer System, but still featuring advanced functionality. Users familiar with previous versions of Consultas Loading Computers will indeed recognize the typical Consultas user interface. "Experienced Consultas users should be able to start working with the new version directly without user training, while the more inexperienced users will quickly familiarize themselves with the various functions guided by C-Loading's intuitive user interface", says Mr Bjørn Nygård, Naval Architect and Head of Loading Computer dept at Consultas.

The final version of C-Loading was released during Nor-Shipping in June 2009. On August 14th DNV confirmed that C-Loading is type approved for calculations and control of loading conditions for Strength, Intact Stability and Damage Stability onboard tanker vessels.

Consultas confirms with pleasure that the first vessel receiving C-Loading is the FDPSO Dynamic Producer, a DP Floating, Drilling, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel. Owner and operator is Petroserv S.A, Brazil.

Several other orders are already in the pipeline for delivery this autumn and next year, such as 2 x chemical tankers under construction at TVK in Turkey for the Italian owner Finbeta SpA.