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KONGSBERG awarded contract to upgrade bridge simulator

View from the existing bridge
View from the existing bridge

Largest in Canada

The Marine Institute’s Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS), located in St. John’s, Newfoundland is the largest maritime training and research institution in Canada. CMS is an integral part of Memorial University, collaborating fully with its faculties and schools in education and research. CMS houses an impressive and extensive suite of KONGSBERG simulators. The range of simulation products include navigation, dynamic positioning, engine room, cargo handling, and ballast control simulators.

Ice navigation

The contract, signed December 12, covers a complete overhaul of the bridge equipment, integration of the Polaris ship simulator (w/advanced ice navigation software) to the existing motion base, and the delivery of new image generators for the visual system. This upgrade is an important element of CMS’s pursuit of commercial opportunities in the modelling and simulation of harsh environments. The objective is to improve the safety and efficiency of oil and gas operations in harsh maritime environments through the development of innovative modelling and simulation capabilities focused on reducing human error.

Motion platform

It was coincidentally nearly 15 years to the month that KONGSBERG received the original contract to supply and install what was then and remains today the most complex feat of system integration ever undertaken for a ship handling simulator. The full mission bridge consists of a full size bridge (8.8 meter x 5.5 meter), weighting 4 tons, mounted on a moving platform (built by CAE for use on the Boeing 747-400 aircraft simulators) actuated in all six degrees of the freedom of motion by hydraulic actuators. The platform is surrounded by a 6 meter high projection screen providing a seamless 360 degree horizontal view.

Not just training

“I believe that simulation is not just for training anymore. The profound impact that simulation has had upon training by accelerating and intensifying the learning experience has opened the doors to other areas of the maritime industry. Training and education of marine operators, with the use of high fidelity simulators, is recognized as effective and cost efficient” said Captain Anthony (Tony) Patterson, Director, Centre for Marine Simulation.


Through this award, KONGSBERG is presented a unique opportunity to work with an impressive team of key collaborators including Memorial University's Faculty of Engineering and School of Human Kinetics; National Research Council's Institute of Ocean Technology; C-CORE; PetroCanada; and, Husky Petroleum.