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Operational systems

Kongsberg Maritime's energy, handling and operational technology are combined in complete vessel solutions. The solutions utilise distributed technology platform architecture, unified into a unique technology edge working as one across the energy, handling and operational systems. This provides a mode-based operational environment that collects information, delivers analysis and empowers proof-enabled decision-making.

KM`s unique integrated approach delivers cost savings and enhances vessel and fleet efficiency, safety, life-cycle management, reliability and availability with complete benefits on each, while strengthening decision making capabilities and enabling the continual optimisation of energy use. The unified solutions also enhance on-shore expertise that can steer on-board activity, feeding into planning, monitoring and controlling complex operations, and making real-time decisions in close collaboration with crew, while also providing a layer for analysis. This improves performance, efficiency and productivity.


World Class hydrographic solutions for the littoral zone

Terje Dyhre
Vice President Bridge Systems

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