Scene set for technology and business days in Kongsberg city

A wide range of actors in Kongsberg city are now joining forces to create a national arena for technology, industry, business, and competence.

There will be four days in June, week 25, where Technology City Kongsberg is flooded with debates, presentations, dialogue, and activities related to these areas.

KONGSBERG is among the partners and will actively contribute resources and content in the upcoming period. The event will kick off in week 25, from Wednesday 22 June to Saturday 25 June, and will gradually change character during these days.

KONGSBERG closely involved
“It is incredibly exciting to be part of developing this arena which will really promote the technology and business dialogue not only in the region, but also nationally. We in KONGSBERG are confident that this will be an event rich on content that will put the Technology City on the map, says Anne Cecilie Lund-Andersen, Group Manager, Communications & Public Affairs, in KONGSBERG and project manager for the initiative.

“This initiative gives the city and the region's players another fantastic arena, with its completely unique profile, to utilize before the summer. We will strengthen the city's attractiveness towards the 400th anniversary in 2024, says Wivi-Ann Bamrud, head of Kongsberg Business Forum.


The event started as a collaboration between Kongsberg’s industrial partners, Kongsberg municipality, Kongsberg Business Forum and the Trade Forum, while several partners and actors are included along the way. It will also host existing seminars and conferences, such as KONGSBERG's Ocean Space Seminar and Defence Seminar, Kongsberg Technology Summit, the Kongsberg Conference and the Housing Day (Boligdag).

National arena
The main purpose is to establish a national meeting place for everyone with a heart for technology, industry, business, and expertise. The ambition is for this to become Norway’s most significant arena for promoting discussion, dialogue and knowledge-sharing related to these areas. It aims to set the agenda for national decision-makers, as well as strengthen the commitment, enthusiasm and insight among all participants and visitors.  

“The arena is for everyone who wants to learn, discuss, influence, and contribute to solving global challenges with technology, value creation and sustainable solutions. It will contain a number of seminars, debates, stands and activities aimed at all age groups, spiced-up with cultural experiences,” says Bamrud.

Broad collaboration
In the days ahead, we will work diligently on the official program. Here, several key players and anyone who can see themselves taking part in this will be invited to contribute content and activities. Work has already begun on various parts of the program, but there is still much left to shape for the days to be as meaningful as possible.

“The main goal of the event is to bring the good discussions and debates into the urban space. Everyone who thinks they can contribute constructively to this are most welcome on the team,” says Bamrud.

“This is also a strong encouragement to all KONGSBERG’s own employees to support the event, and more specifically, get involved in areas where we can organize our own activities such as panel talks, discussions, presentations, demonstrations and otherwise promote the company's technology, says Lund- Andersen.

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