Green shipping

Shipping is the source of 3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. If the world is going to reach zero emission, the development of new solutions based on green sources of energy is crucial. 

“We must both upgrade the existing fleet and build new ships with new energy-efficient solutions that cause a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions”, states Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG. 

Globally over 30 000 vessels have installed equipment from KONGSBERG.

Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG.

“Our hybrid solutions combine storage of surplus energy on batteries and conventional operation. This result in zero emission when the ships are in port and reduced fuel consumption during sailing. Older ships then become greener and energy-efficient,” says Geir Håøy.

Island Offshore

With a fleet of highly advanced offshore service vessels, Island Offshore is a leading provider of high quality solutions to the offshore oil industry. KONGSBERG and Island offshore has a long trach record of working together – now focusing more and more on sustainability.  

Managing Director Tommy Walaunet says:

“We are all responsible for making the ocean cleaner. We will participate with our fleet. We are sure it is correct to upgrade the vessel to ensure a longer life and less emissions from our activity. A lot has been done to the ships over many years. Most of all to the human factor. But we have to invest in the equipment to move on. The projects together with KONGSBERG the last 20 years have been very important.

Svein Kleven, Senior VP in Kongsberg Maritime says:

“We will ensure that the vessels are efficient today, but also make them ready for the future.   

Energy Storage System

KONGSBERG has delivered an Energy Storage System to Island Offshore. It consists of a battery container connected to the electric network on board.  When the vessels are operating, the battery containers will contribute as an extra source of energy. If you don't do anything, the engine will vary in regards to power - up and down to compensate for dynamic loads from weather, wind and sea. 

With a battery container the engine can run on static constant load.  You can let the dynamics run through the batteries. The one engine that will be left working, will work more efficient compared to distributing the performance on several engines. 

“That is economically correct”, says Svein Kleven.  

Managing Director Tommy Walaunet continues:

“Our competitive advantage will be there. We must dare to think new. The combination of new equipment, new technical solutions, but also investments in digitalization will contribute to gather important data and secure that we optimize the running of our ships”, says Walaunet 

Vessel Insight

Island Offshore has installed KONGSBERG's digital infrastructure - Vessel Insight.  A system that provides transmission of necessary information and data from the ship to shore. They can then see the effect of the investments made and if this gives the environmental gain they want.

Svein Kleven, Senior VP in Kongsberg Maritime.

“It is also exciting that this makes it possible to continuously upgrade software and monitoring systems in a more efficient way. We no longer make big steps every fifth or tenth year, but we are a part of Island Offshore's journey all the way. We make sure that they have the best solution at all times”, says Svein Kleven.  

“I believe this is the only way”, says Tommy Walaunet in Island Offshore.

“Different solutions must be adapted to different needs, ships and trading areas. We must upgrade existing ships to lower the emissions. I am sure about that”. 

Green Shipping

“It is necessary to do this”

Managing Director Tommy Walaunet in Island Offshore.

It can be desired to move directly to rebuilding the fleet to environmentally friendly fuel and solutions with zero emissions. Diesel oil, the main source for many vessels operating today, must be replaced by hydrogen, ammonia or biofuel.  It means that the barrier must be solved by building an efficient infrastructure. 

“We are not there yet, but we will get there”, says Svein Kleven.

“This is a part of the adjustment that we will join. It is necessary to do this. To use technological solutions as they are made available is a part of our contribution to reduce the emissions from our operations.

KONGSBERG enable others

The focus on green shipping will also play a key role in the transmission to a zero emission society. KONGSBERG already delivers zero emission solutions and autonomous ships for domestic shipping based on electrical propulsion. Solutions for longer distances will come. 

"As a technology company we will be a crucial part to make this happen in close cooperation with customers, authorities and the research community. Together we will participate in reaching the national and global goals for emission", says Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG.