Launching sonar for small fishing vessels

Kongsberg Maritime enters new fishing market with its new Simrad SY50 sonar.

For the first time, KM Simrad is entering the lower end fishing market - a market consisting of a far greater number of vessels than the markets the company usually operates in. This market is typically 80% retrofit and 20% new builds.

In 2017, Kongsberg Maritime decided to initiate a new and revolutionary sonar transducer and transceiver design - the SY50. Its design has substantial benefits due to its low production cost and easy installation onboard small fishing vessels in coastal waters. Now, after almost four years of research and development, the product is nearing completion and the first installation has been made for trial purposes.


"We selected F/V Saint Pierre, an 11 meter purse seiner located in Marseille, France, for our trial vessel as it fits the intended market we are aiming to conquer," says Mads Dahl, VP Sales at Kongsberg Maritime Simrad.

KM finalized its first SY50 installation on 1 July followed by a successful sea trial that resulted in the owner ordering additional sonars for his 3 other vessels.


The SY50 is a low-cost omni directional sonar using 57kHz centre frequency. The frequency can be adjusted between 54kHz and 59kHz. Its beams are fully stabilized in all direction and it supports many of the larger sonars' features like: simultaneous ping (horizontal and vertical), vertical view, dual view and inspection beam.

The sonar transceiver is incorporated in the transducer, so there is no external transceiver in the sonar room, only a power cabinet. Then from the cabinet, an ethernet cable connect the sonar to a computer with monitor and a keypad on the bridge. The sonar is assembled at the installation point making shipping the unit easier and cost effective.

simrad 2021 2.jpg


Since the original company was started more than 75 years ago, the Simrad brand has grown to be the world's most recognized brand for professional fish finding equipment. The brand name Simrad is today owned by Kongsberg Maritime, and the products are developed in Kongsberg Maritime's Subsea division in Horten, Norway.

Simrad SY50

The Simrad SY50 is an compact omnidirectional medium frequency fish-finding sonar designed for costal fisheries. The SY50 is mainly designed for smaller fishing vessels. It still offers the latest technology available. These is functionality you have formerly found only on larger sonars and other acoustic systems we have delivered.