My job

Are you someone people always come to for IT help?

Raymond is that kind of person. Among his family and friends, Raymond is the designated IT guy. That led to him studying computer science.

Why not become an engineer?

“You know so much about computers, why not become an engineer?” People often asked Raymond this. And he agreed with them. That led to an education from the University of South-East Norway. And what did he study? Yes, it was computer science, something Raymond thought was both fun and challenging.

“If I’d known how much programming we had to do on the course, I’d probably never have chosen it,” Raymond laughs. However, he found his own way of making the best possible use of his computer science degree.

“I soon discovered that coding for eight hours a day was not for me. So when I saw that KONGSBERG was recruiting staff for its IT department, I just had to apply. There were several reasons for this. A job with KONGSBERG is attractive and secure, and I knew that the size of the Group meant I could develop within it. And I was right!”

Everyday life in Horten

Raymond’s everyday life is very varied, and he likes it that way.

“I’m a people person, and I’m happiest when I can talk to people each day. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m at the same time helping my colleagues with their large and small IT challenges. That makes me feel great!”

Raymond provides IT support to his colleagues worldwide every day.

“I’ve specialised, so I take care of specific problems that people run into when their IT tools don’t work properly. We have a large IT department, so there are plenty of opportunities here.”

The best thing about the job

Raymond says his working day is full of smiles and laughter, and that there is never a boring moment.

“We’ve many interesting conversations around the lunch table and are very open to different views in discussions on technical subjects and plenty of other topics. I really enjoy that. I have a good relationship with my colleagues, and that has resulted in me being here for six good years – and I look forward to more!”

IT is a professional field that is constantly changing, and you have to stay sharp to keep up. So Raymond says it is extra nice to have colleagues who are as interested in the topic as he is. He also tells us there is a lot of nerdy talk. “We enjoy ourselves at work and look forward to having even more colleagues!” he says.

Are you interested in joining KONGSBERG IT? We have several vacant positions and are currently handling applications. We look forward to hearing from you!