My job

When data becomes your thing

Lillian joined KONGSBERG IT seven years ago, but it was not given that she would end up here.

Seven years ago, Lillian’s workplace closed down. She had no job and didn’t really know what to do next. She had the choice between starting to study or finding a new job. Via a temp agency, Lillian got an interview with KONGSBERG IT. Although she didn’t know very much about the job before the interview, she was positive.

Nine months later, she was offered a permanent position with KONGSBERG IT. Through the job, she took a trade certificate and suddenly she had an education, a good, safe occupation that she enjoys and many good colleagues. Since then, she’s never looked back.

“It’s great fun working here. I really like the people around me, our working environment and everything that challenges us each day. In addition, KONGSBERG is a company that allows employees to develop and test themselves and create positive ripple effects by assisting others in a demanding professional environment. That’s something I like!”


Lillian works at the Technology Park. Her working day is about what can be called «managing crises for people in general». Because when your IT tools fail, it’s Lillian you want to call.

“My days are very varied, but I mainly make a lot of phone calls, resolve cases, send emails and even have Skype calls where I listen to inquiries from colleagues in the Group. I’m what we call on the front line at the IT Service Desk.”

Do you have advice for anyone interested in applying for a job with KONGSBERG IT?

“Just do it! Even if you don’t have the required education. You can learn IT, but your personality and how much you like other people must be latent traits. In addition, IT is constantly changing. A bachelor’s degree in technical subjects is a good foundation, but you still have to keep your eyes open for everything that is happening. What we work on changes every hour, every day. However, I do recommend that you are interested in IT and technology in general, and that you are a curious person with these fundamental skills.”

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Can you tell us your top five reasons to apply for a job with KONGSBERG IT?

“It’s fun! Good question. My top five would have to be:

  • The people. There are so many lovely people here, and I’ve found some of my best friends at work.
  • The environment in the department. We have an open work culture, which means colleagues who want you to become as good as possible at your job.

  • The sharing of competence between all the departments. At KONGSBERG IT, we’re very good at making use of each other and sharing experiences.
  • Benefits. We have a gym, a good canteen, a lot of lovely sociable associations, and lots more. I’m a member of KDA Young, for example, which is for the under-34s who work for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. I’ve found some of my best friends there!
    A good professional environment. A challenging, fun working day where you can help colleagues when they are having IT crises.”