KONGSBERG appoints directors for sustainability

Silje Skullerud and Marte Ellingsen Tyldum will enter newly created positions as directors of sustainability in Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA) and Kongsberg Maritime (KM), respectively.

KONGSBERG develops products, systems and solutions that contribute to increased sustainability in the industries in which the company operates. Our technologies make a difference.

KONGSBERG's ambition is for our technologies to be part of the solution in a long-term, global sustainability perspective. The newly created director positions signal the company's ambitions of continuous development and improvement in the area. KONGSBERG's sustainability resources will work closely together across business areas and disciplines.

“We will take leading positions within the green shift and develop world-leading, sustainable technology and solutions related to safety and the ocean space, for our customers”, says Even Aas, Executive Vice President for Public Relations, Communication and Sustainability.


“I'm really looking forward to getting started. We have our own Sustainability Council in Kongsberg Maritime (KM) which I have been involved in leading since the spring of 2020. Here we clearly see that the work of coordinating and prioritizing projects for increased sustainability will only increase in scope in the future”, says Marte Ellingsen Tyldum .

Tyldum comes from the position as Product Director for digital applications in the area of ​​Ship Intelligence in KM. She has worked for the company since 2010 when she started as a trainee at Rolls-Royce Marine in Ålesund. She lives in Ålesund and is originally from Trondheim where she took her education in industrial economics at NTNU. Tyldum is also a board member of Norsk Industri Teknobedriftene.

“We are constantly developing exciting initiatives and ideas in KM's divisions. One of my most important tasks will be to see the whole picture and help the business area prioritize and support projects that will really help us into the future”, she says.

Tyldum is already involved in maritime business initiatives linked to the UN through the UN Global Compact and the UN High Level Panel for a Sustainable Marine Economy and will continue this work in her new role. She has her workplace at KM's office in Ålesund.


KONGSBERG is also concerned that the company's defense operations should contribute to safeguarding the UN's sustainability goals, also beyond areas related to security and sovereignty. Silje Skullerud comes from the position as Compliance Officer in Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA) and will now lead the business area's Sustainability Team.

“Defense authorities in many countries have a pronounced focus on sustainability, both in the environment, but also in terms of good governance and social safeguards. KDA must follow this development. The area where we can have the greatest impact on the environment and climate is within the circular economy”, says Skullerud, and elaborates:

“Defence products are developed for long life. If you add maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) to the picture, as well as the aftermarket, it is obvious that this is a circular economy, although increased sustainability may not have been the main goal in the past,” she says.

Going forward, KDA will launch pilots within specific product groups, to investigate how the business area can further strengthen its contribution to the circular economy.