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Kongsberg Maritime in Lynnwood

Situated on the US West Coast above Puget Sound, our Lynnwood office has 26 employees and is a vital part of the Kongsberg Maritime Americas organization. It is home to Kongsberg Underwater Technology  and the Fishery division.

  • Text:Stuart Brewer

“You see a lot of exciting projects and good collaboration here,” is how Stephanie Poole, the Operations Manager, Fishery USA, describes working in the Lynnwood office.

“Collaboratively between Fisheries and KUTL, the technology used for the products is the same or similar, manufactured in the same factories and we also share technical resources when needed.

“In the Fishery division we use the Simrad brand because it is well known and respected as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of marine electronics. Put simply, we distribute and support KM Simrad products and services for the fishery and coastal marine markets across the United States,” adds Stephanie.  

KUTL deals with sales, installation, service, and support of KM integrated acoustic systems for the US oceanographic fleet and science community. The division recently secured a major maintenance contract for the Naval Oceanographic Office worth $25M over a five-year period. The team at Lynnwood stressed that this deal would not have been won without the Underwater Acoustics department in Horten, Norway continuing to develop products that exceed clients demanding performance requirements.Dec 2017 - Captain Rocky - FV Pacific Ram.jpg

That cross department and division collaboration is something that Stephanie, who has been with the company for over 17 years after joining as a technician before moving to management, values greatly,

“I’ve always thought that we as a company have been very collaborative in utilizing resources not just within our local offices but elsewhere. We’re a global company so if you cannot figure it out locally, you can reach out to several other countries and that’s a fantastic business advantage as you cannot do that on a local level alone.”

She also cares for customers saying, “I love my customers in the fishing industry. They often work in very demanding conditions and I value them immensely – not only as customers but they’re bringing something tangible to our world, they bring fish to our table. And unlike many other sources of animal protein this can be produced with a relatively low carbon-footprint.”  


While the fishing industry offers enormous potential, business development has been hampered by COVID-19 and operators are looking for ways to achieve more sustainable operations.  One of the products Stephanie thinks is great for customers and sustainability is the FX live camera system Kongsberg improved in 2020 by adding colour imaging and more functionality. With it, fisherman can actually watch the catch come into the net as it is caught.

“So we help them catch the correct species of fish and the correct amount of fish, ensuring their operations are sustainable. It’s a natural resource and if we don’t protect it, then it’s going to go away,” she concludes.