Katerina Borbila grew up surrounded by the Greek shipping industry. Actually her father founded the agency which later became part of Kongsberg Maritime.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

TASKS: I am Spare Parts Manager and have overview of the spare parts. We are a team of 3 ladies dealing with local customers and handling spare parts from the time of offer until delivery. We are quoting upon customer’s direct requests or after troubleshooting provided from our service engineers as well as we offer packages for maintenance works. The spare parts sales are the top revenue activity for our office. 

It can be challenging at times, especially when deliveries are required within tight deadlines. But we have a very good and close cooperation with our colleagues in Norway, and we always end up delivering on time.

In addition, I coordinate all the training activity that takes place here in Greece. We accept course participants from the merchant marine and offshore sectors, and are well equipped to provide good, relevant courses at our premises. We have the same systems that are on board the ships. Training on the equipment is very beneficial for our customers as well as for us, as we can become better acquainted with who our customers are and can build strong relationships. 

I have recently been appointed HSE Responsible Officer, which is an engaging task I really like. We have begun to systematically map out various risks, especially for our employees who travel on service assignments. We regularly report back to Norway about possible improvements or about near miss incidents that have occurred.   

Katerina Borbila, Spare Part Manager, Jeanne d’ Arc French College, C2 degree, Language & Litterature, Kongsberg Maritime, Greece

BACKGROUND: I love foreign languages and graduated from a Greek-French college as a French teacher. In addition, I have taken classes in Spanish and Italian. However, I have never practiced as a teacher since I started working in shipping very early on, which I thought was much more interesting and exciting.  

I first started working together with my father in 1999 who was an agent for the Norwegian company Autronica at the time. Later on, KONGSBERG established her own Greek office and took over the experienced personnel from my father’s agency. Then I continued working for KONGSBERG.

I have participated in conferences for the aftermarket in Norway and have gradually built up knowledge and experience through continued learning in my field. So even though I am not technically oriented, I would say I have good knowledge of the spare parts we supply.  

TOOLS: My main tool is CRM Dynamics. This is the system used at Kongsberg Maritime for handling customer relations. This is a database that contains information on all ships that have our technology on board.

Here we gather information that we can share internally at Kongsberg Maritime and find information that customers request.

OBJECTIVES: My main objective is to maintain a good relationship with the customer. This is essential in order to be able to do business, especially here in Greece where good relationships mean a lot.

Therefore, I will always prioritize strengthening our relationship with our customers, building relationships and ensuring our customers are satisfied with our service and deliveries. In this way, we build a good foundation for further cooperation. 

JOB MEMORY: My best memory would have to be the celebration of KONGSBERG’s 200th anniversary in 2014. It was a very big event for our company, and the celebration gave us the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over Europe.

It was very interesting to learn about KONGSBERG’s 200-year history and to be part of shaping the continuation of this history.

HIDDEN TALENT: It’s not a talent, but I’ve got a new interest – Latin dance. I’ve started to take classes and I really like it. The music, the rhythm and the fact that I can combine exercise with pleasure.  It gives so much energy and fun at the same time. It is also very convenient since we managed to have dance lessons jointly with my daughter.