KONGSBERG remains stable at the top among Norway's most attractive employers and is gaining popularity among women.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

Universum unveils Norway’s most attractive employers and students’ career preferences at Norwegian universities and colleges. This year, over 12,000 students have said their opinion. KONGSBERG is ranked No. 2 among engineering students and thus holds strong ratings over time.

When female engineering students are raising their preferred employers, KONGSBERG comes in a 12th place up three positions from last year.

“The survey shows that the long-term and thorough work put down in the way we profile us as a workplace is acknowledged the students,” says Hans Petter Blokkum, Executive Vice President, Chief HR and Security Officer.

The survey shows that engineering students who wish to work in KONGSBERG associate the business with exciting products, challenging tasks and innovation. Nearly 80% associate KONGSBERG with exciting work tasks.


“KONGSBERG is visible on career days at relevant colleges and universities. Here the students will see and meet employees who show their enthusiasm about working in KONGSBERG», says Anne Gro Kjørstad, Manager HR Services in KONGSBERG.

A breakdown in the analysis shows that KONGSBERG scores as high as top 1 at the University College in Southeastern Norway:

University College in Southeastern Norway 1
- NTNU Ålesund 1
- University of Tromsø 1
- Oslo University College and Akershus 2
- University of Agder 2

For many years KONGSBERG has conducted an extensive program with summer students. Where theory from the school bench is being transformed into practice during some hectic summer weeks.

Hans Petter Blokkum believes in the importance of creating good ambassadors for KONGSERG.

“We have over 150 summer students and we are confident that the experience they get from working with us makes them good KONSBERG ambassadors and that it reflects when they return to their own student environment.