The UN has defined 17 global challenges that the world must meet by 2030. It is only possible to achieve many of these goals through innovation and the sensible use of new technology.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

The UN’s sustainability goals are a common work plan to eliminate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. “The Global Goals” have become a guiding principle for work on sustainability throughout the world. The Global Goals have become a guide for KONGSBERG’s work on technology to meet global challenges.

KONGSBERG’s most important contribution to the Global Goals is to utilise the company’s expertise, developing products and systems that give our customers greater opportunities to achieve their goal of a more sustainable society.

“Technological development is crucial for creating a more sustainable society. Technology companies like KONGSBERG have a key role to play in solving the global and environmental climate challenges that the world faces”, says CEO Geir Håøy.

Wind energy is one of several areas in which KONGSBERG technology can assist with this green shift. Falling costs mean that the industry predicts more growth within offshore wind energy. Last year, Europe decided to spend NOK 163 billion on offshore wind energy expansion, which was a new record.

Kongsberg EmPower is a turbine-independent decision support system based on our broad experience with automation and decision support systems. The system means that the user can have full control of the production, operation and maintenance planning of each wind farm.

KONGSBERG currently supplies EmPower to Statoil’s floating wind turbine, Hywind Demo, and to Statkraft and Arctic Wind, which use the system on land. Kongsberg EmPower helps our customers achieve higher operational performance and reduce maintenance costs.

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