KONGSBERG remains at the top among Norway's most attractive employers

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

This year’s Universum student survey shows that KONGSBERG is associated with exciting products, challenging tasks and innovation. KONGSBERG is ranked No. 2 among engineers and maintains its strong position from last year. See the complete list.

“I believe that we carry the fruits of long-term and thorough work in the way we profile KONGSBERG as a workplace. We have been very conscious about this many years”, says Hans Petter Blokkum, Group Vice President & Chief HR Officer.

“We are very visible on career days at relevant colleges and universities. Throughout the career days, the students will see and meet our employees who show their enthusiasm about working in KONGSBERG and showcasing the good corporate culture we have, Blokkum continues.

A breakdown in the analysis shows that KONGSBERG scores as high as top 1 at the University College in Southeastern Norway. The popularity of KONGSBERG also increases among those studying IT and economics.

KONGSBERG is ranked at 8th place in IT and at 31st place in economics. KONGSBERG climbs 14 places on the list of economics, thus gaining the award for this year’s climb.

“We are very visible on career days at relevant colleges and universities."


For many years KONGSBERG has conducted an extensive program with summer students. During summer, theory from the school is transformed into practice during some hectic weeks. Hans Petter Blokkum believes that this work creates good ambassadors for the KONGSBERG.

TEAM LONE WOLF: Lill Maria Gjerde Johannesen, Marianne Løken, Cecilie Kristoffersen, Martin Sandberg, Anders Gunbjørnsen, Vetle Bjørngård Gundersen, Christian Grønli and Eivind Henriksen. Birgit Isungset and Henrik Sæter was not present when the picture was taken.

“We have over 150 summer students and we are confident that the experience they get from working with us makes them good KONSBERG ambassadors and that it reflects when they return to their own student environment.