After working seven years in Norway, Sabina Catalá Oltra could take her job and continue in Spain. In Alicante she works in a team sitting at four different locations in three countries.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

TASKS: I’m a software engineer and scrum master for the software-team I work in. We work mainly with the single beam echo sounders for the Mapping, Positioning and Communication Department (MPC).

SKILLS: I´m educated as Telecommunication’s Engineer form the Polytechnic University in Valencia, the Norwegian equivalent to sivilingenør. Shortly after I finished my education I moved to Norway and I started to work in Kongsberg Maritime with Oil & Gas simulators in 1997. I worked there until I moved back to Spain in 2002. When I moved back to Norway in 2012 it was natural for me to apply for a job in Kongsberg Maritime again and I was so lucky to get a job in the MPC department to make software for the single beam echo sounders.When I had to move back to Spain in 2014 for family reasons I was able to continue my job in the same department, but working as an employee for Simrad Spain, something I’m very grateful for.

TOOLS: We are a softwareteam located in four different physical locations - Horten, Great Yarmouth, Alicante and Valencia - working with the scrum/agile methodology. We communicate daily using Skype and the work is done perfectly fine despite us being located in different countries. I’ve got training as Scrum Master and some upgrade course in C++ recently. We use Microsoft as our main development platform for code editing/compiling, source control/build system and scrum process and of course, Skype to communicate across locations.

This screen capture shows the Simrad ES80 set up for a close inspection of fish close to the bottom. A small school is placed in the zoom window. The capture is kindly provided by Aegean Electronics, Greece

AIM: We´ve had many challenges the last few years setting up a team with engineers with different backgrounds and locations, and that has worked quite fine by now. There is a challenge in how to make our software in a way that enables software engineers from the whole Subsea to share experience, knowledge and the most important, code and libraries. That is where our challenge is and that is what makes this job most exciting.

HIDDEN TALENT: Hehehehe, it’s probably so hidden that I haven’t found it yet ;-)