• Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

Ten out of 1500 applicants were selected for summer jobs at Kongsberg Maritime. For 8 weeks the students have been working on a project in Horten - this Thursday 4th August the results of the project were demonstrated.

​For the last 8 weeks the students have worked together to develop two self-propelled vessels. The first vehicle - an Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) - is used to locate an object on the seabed. The information is then sent to an underwater vehicle that automatically investigates the object further.

John-Mikal Størdal - the CEO of FFI - was present to witness the achievements of the summer students. He believes that the technology shown could be useful in the future by providing an unmanned solution for the detection of mines.

“What we have seen here today is the future. It fits our mindset and the projects we have”, explained Størdal.