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Program Overview

Program Overview - Space

Attachment and Release Mechanisms

Ariane 5 (DAAV/DAAR)

Deployment and Pointing Mechanisms

Rosetta (SADA)Mars Express (SADA)Venus Express (SADA)METOP (ASCAT)Ariane 5 (Vinci MDD)HS 601/702 (ASWA/RADA)Bepi Colombo HGA (Prime Phase A)InS&H-Co (Integrated SADM and HDRM Controller)SeCDeS (Self-Contained Deployment System)

Electro-optical equipment

ENVISAT (MIPAS ODS)METOP (IASI RAU)Ariane 5 (Opto Pyro)Advanced Fiber Coupling TechnologyDarwin (FOWF)Fibre Optic Wavefront Filtering (Darwin)OSC (Optical Satellite Communication)Development og optical transceiver

Load Carrying Structures in CFRP

ENVISAT (CFRP structures)Herschel/Planck (Sunshield/Sunshade)GOCE (Solar Array Substrates)Aeolus (Solar Array Substrates)Galileo (Solar Array Substrates)


SOHO (EGSE)Huygens EGSECassini (electronics)Integral (Electronics)Cluster (Electronics)Double Star (Electronics)CEPA 9.12 (Formation Flying)