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RBS-70 Training System

The RBS70 is a mobile, very low level, guided, Surface-to air weapon system. Given that it is a guided weapon, the effectiveness of the system is heavily depended upon the profiency of the operator.

KONGSBERGs RBS70 trainer is a high fidelity, low cost training solution that enables highly effective gunner training.

High fidelity

KONGSBERGs RBS70 training system is built upon a modified RBS70 weapon. Using the actual weapon system for training ensures the operator experiences realistic responses to all the operational functions to include setup and firing preparation. A complete virtual environment with realistic terrain features, urban elements and targets has been inserted within the weapon sigth displayes. All target models used in the system include detailed features enabling the operator to practice target recognition and identification. Any operator changes to the proximity fuse and hight correction settings generate the appropriate effects. Heat dissipation during the fly-out of the missile as well as the booster separation are also modeled in the visual system.

Cost effective

Practice is essential in training this system. Using KONGSBERGs RBS70 trainer, operators are able to fire the weapon as repetitively as needed in order to master the use of the system and increase the accuracy of their engagements without requiring the planning and coordination of false targets, depleting ammo stores or increasing wear and tear on the actual weapon system. KONGSBERGs RBS70 trainer also leverages COTS components replacing the costly bespoke parts of the earlier simulator sights such as gyro, mirror and CRT. All the simulations are handled by a standard Windows PC workstation with the latest in 3D graphics capabilities for realistic visual and sound simulation.

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