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PROTECTOR Combat Vehicle Training System

A complete combat vehicle training system for the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station

PROTECTOR Combat Vehicle Training System

KONGSBERG’s PROTECTOR Training System can be used as a complete combat vehicle training system for the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station - a comprehensive crew trainer. The system is a flexible, low-cost training solution for armoured vehicle personnel. The system supports the full spectrum of training from basic skills training to crew training and networked multi-crew tactical training. The system can easily be adapted to different vehicles and different types of Remote Weapon Station – configurability and scalability is a key design factor for the system.

The PROTECTOR Training system can be configured to form a complete vehicle crew with a commander, gunner and driver - and if needed observer. The crew trainer provides excellent training for the entire Remote Weapon Station crew to optimize:

  • Situational Awareness: Every Crew member a Sensor
  • Inter Crew communication and coordination procedures
  • Inter Crew synchronization of effort for Target detection, acquisition and engagement

Crew training focuses on the following key elements:

  • Commander Situational Awareness at the speed of combat
  • Coordinating vehicle movement
  • Coordinating Surveillance
  • Coordinating Target Acquisition 
  • Crew Synchronization at the speed of combat
  • Every Crewman a sensor
  • Inter Crew cross-talk
  • Fire Commands between Commander and Gunner
  • Gunner “Switchology” and PROTECTOR Fire Control Techniques  
  • Successfully operating and fighting  the vehicle under individual and collective stress- induced by progressively more difficult scenarios

Multi-Crew Tactical Training

With the crew trainer, several vehicles can operate in the same exercise to support tactical training at the section, platoon or company level. Each training position is equipped with replicated inter crew intercom communications; in addition, multi-vehicle radio nets can be configured and used as part of tactical training. This configuration also enables force on force training between the different crews.


Tactical training focuses on the following key elements:

  • Operational planning at the Section, Company and Platoon level
  • Controlling Maneuver elements (Tactical movement formations)
  • Movement to contact
  • Collective actions on enemy contact to include:
  • React and defeat complex ambushes with Small Arms and RPGs
  • Support by fire missions for dismounted Infantry
  • Providing “Gun Truck” Force Protection in Convoy operations
  • Improvised Explosive Device, Detect and Defeat with PROTECTOR