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Mobile Combat Trainer

KONGSBERGs Mobile Combat Trainer (MCT) is a flexible, low-cost, mobile training solution for armoured vehicle and tank personnel.

The modular design of the MCT is extremely flexible and leverages COTS extensively creating a reconfigurable, sizeable and cost-effective training-system. The MCT supports the full spectrum of training from basic skills training to crew training and multi-crew tactical training. The MCT can easily be adapted to different vehicles and weapon systems - reconfigurability is a key design factor for the system.


Reconfiguring the system includes the complete user interface from the driver's wheels, gunner's yokes and commander's joysticks to the graphical emulated panels. All input panels are emulated in software and are automatically changed as the desired vehicle type is selected. The simulations also change automatically to reflect the performance of the vehicle and of the weapons.


The modularity of the hardware and software design enables the MCT to be used in a traditional training facility or in a mobile, field training environment. The standard system configuration includes a full instructor suite of tools and nine crew member positions, however, the system can be sized up or down as necessary. The crew member positions are typically configured to support a 3-member crew (driver, gunner and commander). The system enables several levels of training; skills and procedural training, and multi-crew, tactical training as well as force on force training.


The functionality included in the MCT includes:

  • Visual simulations
  • Weapons simulations
  • Vehicle simulations
  • Communications and Audio simulations (Battlespace and vehicular)
  • Student evaluation
  • Scenario Generation
  • Exercise control  and monitoring


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