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Customer Logistics Support

KONGSBERG's people are dedicated to their profession and their products. KONGSBERG feel strong commitment to keep our training systems optimised according to the customer's training needs throughout the life cycle period. 

Contractor Logistics Support is a common customer/vendor agreement to continously maintain and improve the training systems capacity and training value. Optimise your training capacity by letting professional and dedicated people support your training system. Objectives:

  • Optimisation of training capacity
  • Minimized Life Cycle Cost
  • Risk reduction
  • System Life Cycle Support Partner
  • Updated documentation and training material. 

Optimisation of training capacity Customer Logistics Support is the key to sustain WORLD CLASS. KONGSBERG support and performs all logistics activities in the product life cycle period. Our CLS activities are customized to the customer's needs for operational capacity. 

People KONGSBERG provides arenas where the Customer can give feedback and influence the development of the training systems to support the Customer's evolving training needs. KONGSBERG encourage the customers to participate in our user conferences and work shops. In these arenas we mutual benefit from each others competence and experience. 

Technology KONGSBERG continuously improves our technology to ensure WORLD CLASS products. A Contractor Logistics Support Agreement ensures the customer access to upgrades and the latest technology. 

Dedication KONGSBERG's dedicated and experienced employees are always there to support your training system. No technical challenge is too big or too small. Activities

  • SW/HW upgrades
  • Documentation and Training
  • Configuration Managment
  • Work Shops and User Conferences
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Web (Discussion forum) and FAQ
  • On-call / On-site Support
  • Remote Access Support
  • Telephone / E-mail Support
  • SW/HW upgrades


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