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Connect Communication System

CONNECT is a voice communication system specially developed for communication trainers and for integration into simulators that require simulation of voice communication systems such as radio (UHF/VHF/HF/UWT), intercom, field wire, etc. CONNECT offers full capability for configuration, simulation, monitoring, control and recording/playback of voice-based communication systems. 

CONNECT is a fully digital voice communication system using standard COTS PC equipment for sound Sampling/regeneration and a Local Aera Network (LAN) for voice transmission. CONNECT represents a new generation voice communication system where only COTS communication hardware or protocols are required to distribute the voice signal. This ensures maximum flexibility for expanding and reconfiguring the communicaiton system. 

CONNECT can be completely integrated as a subcomponent into any simulator system ranging from small crew trainers to large tactical trainers. CONNECT can also be used as a stand alone communication trainer for operator and procedures training. CONNECT is a distributed system, enabling every student to train his role in the operational organisation.

CONNECT can be delivered with generic software or hardware communication panels, a software emulation of the actual communication panels or hardware panels/switches mimicking the real equipment.

These options provide greater flexibility in defining the end solution for the customer and in ensuring the necessary fidelity in the operational training environment. CONNECT also provides a full suite of instructor tools in support of role play capabilities, record and replay for debrief and after action review. 

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