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CBT - Computer Based Training

PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station (RWS) training is often exposed to a variety of different challenges: high personnel turn over, large target groups, short available training periods, geographical location, multiple configurations of the live system and different languages. 

Computer Based Training (CBT) eases the training challenges for the operators and maintenance personnel of the PROTECTOR RWS. 

It is impossible to qualify operators or maintenance personnel with only the use of Computer Based Training. However, it is possible to provide the necessary training CBT to go hands-on to the live system with supervision of qualified instructors. The purpose of the CBT is to reduce the need for traditional classroom training and shorten the training period. 

The training solution for the PROTECTOR RWS covers all three learning stages:

  • Level 1 (Knowledge) is covered by Computer Based Training and are common for both target groups.
  • Level 2 (Skills) are covered by the Gunner Skill Trainer for the Gunners and CBT for the maintenance personnel.
  • Level 3 (Practice) is covered by hands on training. This can be conducted by trainers from KONGSBERG at ours or the customers’ premises.