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BaSE - Battlespace Synthetic Environment

BaSE provides the building blocks for rapid development of customised simulation applications supporting aerial, naval and ground battlefield scenarios. The easy-to-use instructor applications support building realistic scenarios with unique follow up and evaluation of the trainees. 

BaSE supports international simulation standards, enabling interoperability with other simulations systems. 

Instructor/Trainee functionality

  • Scenario builder
  • Exercise monitoring and control
  • Trainee feedback
  • During/After Action Reviews
  • Systems status monitoring and control
  • Model editor functionality 

The instructor station user interface is based on standard Microsoft Windows principles. The user of the instructor station is likely to be familiar with this type of user interface, making it easier to learn and understand how to use the instructor station applications. 

Visual system

  • High quality terrain and models
  • Naval, ground and air simulation
  • Lifelike environmental conditions
  • Realistic effects (smoke, detonations...)
  • High quality terrain and models

The visual simulation system displays computer-generated images using high performance COTS PC workstations or laptops. All the software needed for this purpose is OpenSceneGraph that is based on the OpenGL industry standard. This ensures a system that has adaptability and compatibility with future technological advancements in image generators. 


  • HLA (Pitch 1516, MÄK 1516, DMSO 1.3)
  • DIS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • OpenFlight
  • Open Scene Graph
  • .NET
  • Supports custom object models
  • Multiplatform support
  • XML
  • VoIP 

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