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The PROTECTOR RWS-LW30 is an extension of the existing PROTECTOR RWS Family providing enhanced operational capability by use of a 30mm canon.

In additional to the powerful M230 LF 30mm canon as a main weapon, the PROTECTOR RWS-LW30 offer modularity for single weapon, dual weapon and even triple weapon configuration where the M230LF main weapon, 7.62mm coax weapon and a Javelin ATM can be installed simultaneously. This flexibility and modularity provides the capability for high power arms for many operational needs and switching between the installed weapons is easily performed by the operator from the intuitive Human Machine Interface. 

A versatile system architecture enables support for future integrations such as Stinger missile or other effectors. The system is designed with a balanced Sight Servo Assembly and automatically compensates for the parallel axis between the sights and the weapon axis.