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The PROTECTOR RWS Family is constantly enhanced with new product variants to meet customer requirements.

One example is the PROTECTOR Low Profile which is designed and contracted as a “Turret on Turret” solution for the US Army M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. The system has been through several tests, with excellent results, and some of the feedback from the soldiers are that the LP CROWS improved the TCs field of view (FOV) and provided safer command and control of the tank.

  • PROTECTOR RWS Low Profile is designed for small and medium caliber weapons, and can be installed on any type of platform.
  • Reduced signature enhances operators sight.
  • Detached Line of Sight (DLOS) enables the gunner to keep his sights on target, independent of ballistic solution for the weapon/ammo in use.
  • Fully stabilized system provides unmatched observation and engagement capabilities.
  • Thermal Imager with dual field of view, autofocus and e-zoom.
  • Color Daylight camera allows a wide field of view up to 45 degrees while observing, and more than 30 times optical magnified close-up view of the target area when identifying and engaging a long distance target.
  • The eye-safe Laser Range Finder provides extremely accurate range meas¬urements, providing the PROTECTOR first round on target capability.
  • Supports NATO standard M2 and M240 ammunition boxes for easy reload.
  • Easy to enter manual operation mode if required.