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Parametric Loudhailer

The TOPAS PS 120 LH parametric loudhailer is optimized for transmitting diver warning messages over long ranges in countermeasure applications. The system is based on the well proven parametric sub-bottom profiler technology used by KONGSBERG for more than 25 years. 

Main advantages for parametric loudhailers are “focussed” and electrically steerable beams, absence of sidelobes and compact size. 

The operator unit is a laptop PC which is used for generating the correct modulation waveform, steering the beam, initiating transmission etc. 

Range capability of these loudhailers is considerably larger than conventional linear loudhailers due to the narrow beam, significant reduction in reverberation and the beam steering capability.

TOPAS PS 120 LH Loudhailer 

The parametric loudhailer is perfect for sending short messages, warnings etc. to intruding divers due to the long range capability, beam steering capability and low reverberation levels. The latter tends to reduce quality of the message making it more difficult to understand. 

The loudhailer is compact in size for ease of installation on ASV, RHIB and other small boats. The system can be remotely operated via wireless communication. 

Messages can be pre-recorded and stored in an internal memory for ease of use. Optional versions of the system will be able to generate the required signal modulation of the transmitted waveform on the fly.


  • No sidelobes
  • Narrow acoustic beams
  • Compact transducer
  • Electronically steerable acoustic beam
  • Target tracking
  • Compensated for platform movements in real-time
  • Long range
  • Low reverberation levels – high audio quality

Technical Data

Typical specifications – PS 120 LH:

Frequency band 2 - 30 kHz
Beamwidth  4 - 6 deg
Source level (audio) >202 dB re µPa @ 1m
Beam steering sector – across/along  12/8 deg
Range  >500 meters


Dimensions (LxWxH) 324x422x68 mm
Weight 14 kg

Transceiver cabinet:

Dimensions (LxWxH) 534x690x400 mm
Weight 45 kg