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LASAR 40-360

Harbour Surveillance Sonar

The C-Scope USP System is an integrated underwater surveillance and protection system based on KONGSBERG’s long experience as a supplier of maritime surveillance systems. The C-Scope USP System integrates a wide range of high-performance active and passive surveillance sensors covering the underwater domain from inner harbor to open sea. The C-Scope USP System performs automatic detection, tracking, classification and identification of multiple targets, and the system is designed for 24/7 operation with a minimum number of staff. 

The LASAR 40-360 is a part of the C-Scope family of underwater sensor portfolio. The LASAR 40-360 is optimized for surveillance in challenging harbor areas which need protection of specific assets. The LASAR40-360 employs active and passive mode capabilities for detection of underwater objects such as divers and small underwater vehicles. The sonar head can be deployed in several configurations including seabed mounting, jetty wall mounting and over the side deployment.


The low frequency and the wide bandwidth provide unmatched detection and classification ranges in littoral and reverberation-limited environments, giving the needed time for decision making with inspection and reaction. 

Separate transmit and receive acoustic arrays provides the flexibility to adapt the sonar configuration to different environmental conditions and specific harbor constraints. 

The LASAR 40-360 exceptional detection ranges resulting in fewer sonars needed to cover a given underwater area. This also means reducing installation complexity and cost. Another benefit from the long detection ranges is that the sonars can be located at convenient locations (locations suitable for maintenance, locations not in conflict with fishing activities, dredging, etc) and still providing full coverage. 

Signal Processor and Operatior Workstation 

LASAR 40-360 is designed for multi-sensor network integration using KONGSBERG’s MSI System for signal processing and system operation, yet LASAR 40-360 as a single sonar configuration can be run from a rugged Workstation. Standard Ethernet protocol is used for integration with external systems.


  • Active and passive mode capabilities against underwater objects 
  • Unattended operation with automatic detection, tracking and classification of multiple targets 
  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate 
  • Excellent performance in difficult environments and reverberant waters 
  • Qualified according to military standards

Technical Data

Maximum Detection Ranges

SDV - Swimmer Delivery Vehicle: 3000m
OCD - Open Circuit Diver: 1500m
CCD - Closed Circuit Diver: 900m

Sonar Head

Operating frequency range:  30kHz - 45kHz
Source level:  206dB rel 1uPa @ 1m
Pulse types:  HFM, SFM, CW
Pulse length:  10ms - 100ms
Acoustic coverage sector: 360°
Vertical beam width, transmit:  6° - 20°
Vertical beam steering, transmit:  ±10°
Bearing resolution / accuracy:  1.8° / 0.18°
Weight in air:  305kg
Weight in water:  45kg
Height:  1797mm
Diameter:  1128mm
Material / Structure:  Titan GR2 / 5
Max operating depth:  50m
Subsea Cable: up to  10km
Topside Interface Unit
Weight: 18kg
Dimensions: 130mm x 482mm x 588mm
Power:  230Vac, 350W
Qualification Standards
Electromagnetic Compatibility: MIL-STD-461E
Temperature:  MIL-STD-810F
Underwater shock:  1kg TNT @ 10m, (field tested)
Marking: MIL-STD-129
Reliability: MIL-HDBK-217