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Underwater Surveillance and Protection


– C-Scope USPThe C-Scope USP System includes a unique portfolio of high performance active and passive sonars designed by KONGSBERG especially for surveillance applications. KONGSBERG sonars are built for the special purpose of surveillance and therefore have optimal frequencies and bandwidths for reliable long range detection in challenging coastal areas and reverberant conditions typically found in littoral waters and harbours.

The C-Scope USP System employs advanced sensor technology and processing algorithms. Even in the adverse conditions encountered in littoral waters the system is capable of providing early detection with low false alarm rate which is the most important quality factor in order to provide sufficient time for interception of the identified threats.

Being part of the C-Scope family of KONGSBERG maritime surveillance systems means that the C-Scope USP System benefit from proven C-Scope surveillance and interoperability capabilities and data from the widest possible choice of sensors. This includes radar and AIS information as well as live satellite feeds in order to improve the confidence of the underwater tactical picture and reduce the false alarm rate.