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Surface Vessels


is the world leading provider of flexible solutions for integration of the AEGIS Weapon System to national requirements, including various sensors and weapons; enabling national industries to provide Life Time Support.

Our product comprises:

  • Anti Surface Warfare systems (ASuW)
  • Anti Submarine Warfare systems (ASW)
  • Integration to AEGIS Anti Air Warfare systems (AAW)

KONGSBERG has integrated AEGIS on the following platforms:

  • RNoN Fridtjof Nansen Class frigates
  • ROK Navy KDX-III destroyers
  • RAN Air Warfare destroyers


KONGSBERG’s military bridge and navigation systems are based on World Class, IMO approved civilian solutions, and provide:

  • ARPA
  • ECDIS/WECDIS with enhancements for passive terrestrial navigation
  • Navigation Data Distribution system

to all platforms:

  • Frigates - Corvettes
  • Fast Patrol Boats
  • Submarines


Sea Command Sea COMMAND is designed to assist the crews of high speed craft with the tasks and dynamic decision making required for successful execution of complex, rapidly evolving military operations. The system provides support and enhanced capabilities in three principal areas:

  • Battlespace Situation Awareness
  • Command & Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Sea COMMAND provides the integration and control of multiple weapon, sensors and communications into a networked system. Data from the various subsystems are combined into a crew shared Common Tactical Picture (CTP).

Sea COMMAND takes integration to another level through its seamless integration between the High Speed Navigation System and its Tactical Support System.The gunner may aim at any position in the electronic chart to slew the gun, or the gun may be directed by a radar echo or an EO sensor (slew to cue). Radar targets are engaged rapidly and confirmed visually in the chart. At Multi Target Scenarios, tracks are prioritized and Track Management Functionality is available.

The High Speed Navigation System updates charts and radar plots in a timely manner, paramount at high speeds in littoral waters.

The Open Backbone Architecture enables the integration of various on-board devices and video distribution. Thus, Sea COMMAND can also serve as the Electronic Backbone System of the craft.


Sea COMMAND is compatible with the KONGSBERG PROTEUS trainers for:

  • Navigation, Weapon and EO operator training
  • Platform crew training, tactical training
  • Squadron training, mission training

The PROTEUS INTERACT trainer provides:

  • Scenario Simulation, e.g. Swarm attack
  • Mission debrief provides tactics improvement.


Sea COMMAND is fully integrated with the Sea PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station. Sea PROTECTOR is a lightweight, remotely controlled, fully stabilised sensor platform and high precision weapon mount. It provides surveillance, detection, tracking and prosecution of various threats.