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-for the 21st Century

Submarines of the 21st Century face an ever-increasing range of missions. By definition, they have to operate in the challenging conditions of the littorals, as well as in the blue ocean. As in the first 100 years of submarine operations, the need to be able to find, track and defeat enemy surface ships and submarines remains paramount.

The key words for the 21st Century comprise:

  • International Operations/Task Forces
  • Interoperability
  • ISTAR (Intelligence Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance)
  • Network Enabled Capabilities in addition to the traditional Maritime Operations (ASuW and ASW).

MSI-90U Mk 2

The MSI-90U Mk 2 Submarine Combat Management System is designed for 21st Century operational and lean manning requirements.  The system typically comprises three to five Multi-Function Consoles. This number can easily be adjusted upwards or downwards to meet the customer’s operational concept or to fit the available space. The basic design philosophy, augmented with operational experience from the legacy MSI-90U system, has resulted in a solution with the following system architecture features:

  • Data processing is distributed on a number of powerful, general-purpose Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computers
  • Data communication between the MSI-90U Mk 2, sensors and effectors is handled by a local area network (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Built-in redundancy and graceful degradation provide a high system availability
  • Torpedo Board Interface tailored to selected torpedo types.


The main application functions include:

  • Sensor Integration
  • Target Motion Analysis
  • Target Classification/Identification
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Tactical Functions
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Weapon Preparation and Control

The system also comprises functions like data recording, data replay, built in simulation etc. The MSI-90U Mk 2 can be integrated to any sensor and weapon type to be selected by the End Customer.

The following torpedo types are already integrated:

  • SST4 / SUT Mod. 0
  • DM2A3 / DM2A4
  • A184 Mod. 3
  • NSP / Black Shark


The KONGSBERG Passive Sonar Processing System (PSPS) provides the best possible picture of the surface and underwater environment including high quality displays to the sonar operators for surveillance, tactical and safety purposes, as well as providing contact information to the submarine’s Combat Management System.

The KONGSBERG PSPS is fully based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components and Open System Standards, which facilitates easy future modifications and upgrades.

The KONGSBERG PSPS processes and integrates data from all kinds of passive sonar arrays, including:

  • Bow Arrays
  • Intercept Arrays
  • Distributed Arrays (Passive Ranging Sonar)
  • Flank Arrays
  • Towed Arrays
  • Own Noise Sensors

In addition, the PSPS controls active sonar transmissions and integrates Bottom Mapping and Mine Avoidance Sonars.

The very compact systems solution can easily be accommodated in existing and new submarines and comprises the following units:

  • Front End Conditioning/Analogue to Digital Converters
  • Sonar Processing Cabinet
  • Multi-Function Consoles.

The KONGSBERG PSPS performs advanced parallel signal processing, including:

  • Conventional beamforming
  • Adaptive beamforming
  • Subspace beamforming (MUSIC based)

This advanced processing, combined with world class tracking and TMA capabilities, results in that detection is achieved at longer range and with higher confidence than in comparable passive sonar systems.