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Sea COMMAND is a compact system for safe navigation combined with naval tactical support, including control of weapons, radars and electro-optical sensors, for small to medium high speed craft.

Sea COMMAND provides increased situation awareness, operator efficiency and lean manning. This is achieved by true multi-function operator positions, with user defined screen layouts, which may be optimized for any task, like the navigator to use the Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for navigation planning and its IR capabilities at night for safe navigation.

Sea COMMAND takes integration to another level through its seamless integration between the navigation chart and the RWS. Low latency video enables the gunner to aim at any position in the electronic map or as directed by a radar echo or an EO sensor.

Radar targets are engaged rapidly and confirmed visually in the chart. At Multi Target Scenarios, tracks are prioritized and Track Management Functionality is available. The High Speed Navigation System updates charts and radar plots in a timely manner, paramount at high speeds in littoral waters.

The Open Backbone Architechture enables the integration of various on-board devices and video distribution. Thus, Sea COMMAND can also serve as the Electronic Backbone System of the boat.