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Mission planning systems

KONGSBERG has a long tradition of supplying high tech. defence systems, including integrated solutions for Maritime Warfare and Aerospace Systems. KONGSBERG’s field of expertise also includes Mission Planning Systems (MPS) for Air Operations. A more comprehensive description of KONGSBERG is available at

KONGSBERG Mission Planning System

KONGSBERG Advanced Mission Planning System (KAMP) is a tool for information management for air operations. The system enables mission planning, faster aircraft pre-flight briefings and post-flight debriefings. The result is enhanced flight safety, shorter pre- and post-flight times, as well as improved mission capabilities.

KAMP can be integrated in or connected to a C3I network, to facilitate import and export of messages and other information. KAMP MPS also provides the option of working in a stand-alone mode, for instance during remote field operations or in case of network breakdown.

KAMP is developed with focus on user friendly interfaces and easy-to-use applications, acknowledging the need to reduce strain on mission planning personnel.