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Joint Strike Missile

KONGSBERG has invested significantly in JSM technologies and the Government of Norway is currently funding a program to develop and produce JSM for F-35 for anti-ship and land attack missions. JSM is a 5th generation cruise missile available for integration on fixed wing aircraft to include F-35 internal carry.

 JSM capabilities include:

  • Survivability - multiple attributes to ensure survivability against advanced threat systems
  • Lethality - demonstrated against ship and relocatable land targets 
  • Target Selectivity - true Autonomous Target Recognition capability
  • Suitability - F-35A and C model internal carry; for all F-35 variants external carry and other fixed wing and maritime patrol aircraft

JSM includes advanced mission planning system to exploit sea and land geography. JSM employs a highly accurate navigation system and low altitude flight profile. Automatic Target recognition is supported by an advanced Imaging infrared seeker.

JSM range allows for launch platform survivability and flexible mission routing to enhance survivability and mission success.