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Integrated Director Group

The Kongsberg IDG is a part of the Target Illumination System (TIS), which is a part of the AEGIS system for tracking targets and guiding missiles to their target. The IDG is developed using the same or improved requirements compared to the existing systems.

The Kongsberg IDG has identical ship deck footprint, communication and transmitter interfaces and antenna radiation diagram as existing systems, which means that an old system easily can be replaced with the IDG

It has lower production, maintenance and life cycle cost, since it does not use Gyros for servo stabilization, uses only COTS components, and the computer rack and motor amplifiers are integrated into only one electronic cabinet.

With quicker response, higher accuracy, better data resolution and a more efficient antenna design it has  better performance than existing systems. 

The IDG is fully MIL qualified and is very easy to maintain.

The Kongsberg IDG can act as a platform for other target and illumination systems, it can also be used to launch light weapons (i.e. Hellfire). In short; the Kongsberg IDG  is a very flexible and versatile system.