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Routers, Switches and Multiplexers

KONGSBERG is one of the main suppliers of trunked ruggedized tactical Communication Systems.

KONGSBERG supplies ruggedized IP routers, switches, multiplexers and access switches.

KONGSBERG has been delivering the multiprotocol switch CPX200/250/300 to more than 30 countries around the world. This core technology has been combined with IP technology in the new IPX600, which already has turned out to be a great success.

IPX600 is the only by-design fully ruggedized IP router and call manager on the market.

IPX600 is a Tactical Router and Media Gateway supporting a wide range of subscriber and data interfaces. It integrates IP networks and Tactical EUROCOM Area Networks (EriTac) and provides IP networks with military gateways. IPX600 has a build in call-manager functionality, assuring that it can operate autonomously as well as in a network. In addition to being a router, it integrates with and provide the same port and subscriber services as the CPX300.

ES624 is a ruggedized IP switch. It supports up to 24 ethernet ports with 8 PoE ports. It is possible to have up to 4 fiber ports. ES624 can be delivered with standard RJ45 connectors or with fully military connecors. ES624 is a managed switch, and can be managed via web interface or through the CMS system from Kongsberg. ES624 can easiliy be used as copper to/from fibre converter.

CPX300 is a tactical trunk and access switch. It is a multi-protocol switch with 5 ports that can be configured as EUROCOM, V.11 or G.703 with trunk rates from 256 to 8448 kbit/s. Ports Support a free mix of subscriber channels with or without FEC, at subscriber bit rates ranging from 16 to 2048 kbit/s. Up to 45 subscriber ports may be supported. Gateways provided are Eurocom and STANAGs 4206 and 4578.

FX300 is a Multi-Interface Field Exchange family based on Digital Stored Program Control (SPC) technology. It employs a non-blocking circuit switching concept and interfaces with field tactical communication network over the E1/PRI interface. FX300 can support up to 128 Ports consisting of CB, LB, ISDN, CO and Trunks in its basic unit. It is currently also availailable with IP LAN and VoIP support as well as IP WAN SIP GW functionality.