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KONGSBERG has a family of VHF radios designed for both data and voice communication as a Multi Role Radio (MRR).

It's performance is optimized for use in weapon systems, and is in operational use in a number of Air Defence systems around the world.

The transmission range and coverage of the KONGSBERG MRR VHF radio is superior, especially in tricky environments like mountains and in urban environment. This is due to a patented narrow band direct sequence technology. Typical transmission ranges are 20-50 km, but ranges above 100 km has been demonstrated.

The KONGSBERG MRR VHF radios are able to transfer data up to 64 kbps, either via RS232 or an Ethernet interface.

The MRR VHF radios have an embedded encryption.

MH600 is the handheld MRR VHF radio. 1W output power. It is small and light, but with the same functionality as the manpack and the vehicle mounted MRR radios. The operational battery lifetime is > 24 hours.

MP600 is the manportable MRR VHF radio. 5W output power. Functionality such as packet oriented data, SMS and selective dialing is available. The radio can be remotely controlled by the control unit.

MV600 is the vehicle mounted version of the MRR VHF radio. 50W output power. The vehicle and man pack radios are using the same control unit and 5W radio unit. Using the vehicle mounted version, additional output power and cosite filtering is possible.