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The main element of K-TaCS (KONGSBERG Tactical Communication System)  is the trunked tactical communication system. It features the world's most advanced EPM (Electronic Protective Measures - ECCM). All K-TaCS products are fully ruggedized by design to survive the tactical environment in which they are to operate.

K-TaCS is now also available as a fully IP based system supporting full duplex data rates up to 100 Mbps. K-TaCS consists of ruggedized IP routers, ethernet switches, Eurocom switches and multiplexers, LOS radio links and encryption units. K-TaCS is backwards compatible with existion EriTac systems.

The flexibility of K-TaCS allows the system to be tailored to the user's requirements. Its high-capacity, autonomous, distributed switches maintain communications even under the severest conditions. And it is ready to provide full operation and functionality just minutes after power-up.

Typical applications for K-TaCS

  • Tactical area networks
  • Air Defence networks
  • Command post communication networks

K-TaCS can be supplied on a turnkey basis, or as an upgrade of an existing network.

K-TaCS offers

  • Common management system for all equipment (router, switches, radios)
  • Survivabilty thanks to the system's configuration flexibility, high speed service performance and rapid deployment/re-deployment capabilities.
  • Free mix of subscriber services and equipment from magneto telephones to VoIP telephones as well as high speed broadband data and video transmission.
  • High survivability through robust synchronisation and routing algorithms.
  • Superior Electronic Protective Measures (EPM) using adaptive frequency hopping and high reliability synchronisation.
  • Full operation just minutes after power up since settings are stored.
  • Autonomous operation at all levels thanks to distributed network data and management.
  • Cost effectiveness thanks to the small size and light weight of the equipment, requiring smaller and fewer vehicles.


  • Commanders must be able to gather information and issue orders rapidly and securely to field unit. To do so, they need an integrated, high- capacity communications network that will continue to operate - even when some equipment is damaged, or the radio part is subject to severe jamming.
  • Today, changing battlefield scenarios demand a high degree of mobility and flexibility in the communications system. The network needs to interface with both old telephone and radio equipment as well as modern data terminals. And it needs to be ready for new features to service future needs. EriTac fulfills these all these demands.

Electronic Protective Measures (EPM) at every level

  • Forward error correction (FEC) ensuring that the data is received safe and correct.
  • Fast, reliable synchronisation and signalling between routers and switches assure operation even in hostile environments. Flood search and automatic alternative routing guarantee communication continuity as long as a transmission link can be established.
  • The K-TaCS encryption devices provide a very high degree of protection without bit-error multiplication. In addition, the synchronisation procedures can tolerate a very high Bit Error Rate (BER).
  • Automatic output power control in combination with directional antennas decrease the risk of the detection of the radio signal.
  • Adaptive frequency hopping with durable synchronisation system improves resistance to jamming. Frequency evation is also offered for fixed frequency operation. 


  • A network management station can remotely control all equipment in a K-TaCS network (Routers, switches and radio links). A display shows all the transmission links in the network. K-TaCS' user-friendly graphical user interface allows operators to supervise and authorise changes, and check and change subscriber data in any of the switches. The management station can be connected anywhere in the network as a subscriber.
  • Even without the management station, the network will remain fully operational and can still be redeployed with full functionality.
  • Ease-of-use, survivability and autonomous operation are key elements to a tactical communication network. K-TaCS supports this.
  • K-TaCS is backwards compatible with EriTac systems that have been delivered to more than 30 countries around the world