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KONGSBERG Exploitation Services (KES)

KONGSBERG Exploitation Services (KES) is a multifunctional exploitation system for joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (JISR) information across exploitation domains such as:

  • Information fusion
  • Operations intelligence
  • Ground surveillance in near real time
  • Time-sensitive and time-critical targeting
  • Long term ISR analysis

Depending on available information, it will provide a joint, or integrated, air, land and sea picture. Also, depending on available ISR sources and deployment configuration, it can function as a single source or multi source analysis tool.

The system can be divided into the following functional areas or capabilities:

  • Tasking
  • Fusion and information management
  • Analysis
  • Tracking
  • Targeting

The system provides extensive interoperability with NATO and other nations systems through its full compliance with NATO standards:

  • 4545 (NSIF)
  • 4609 (Video)
  • 4607 (GMTI)
  • 4559 (NSILI)
  • 5516 (Link 16)