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Mechanical Production

This department moved into completely new premises in August 2008 and occupies approximately 10,000 square metres in addition to areas for administration purposes. Significant investments in new machines and equipment were made in connection with the move. 

The Production Department comprises three central areas:

  • Machining
  • Welding and sheet metal production
  • Tools and development of prototypes

The Machining Workshop

has 10 machining centres and 3 turn/mill centres, as well as 1 mill/turn and one turning centre. The last 24 months has seen investment in 4 new machines and there are plans to invest in an additional 4-6 new machines during the next 3-4 years. These will mainly be connected to the increase in volume in the F35 programme.

The Welding and Sheet Metal Workshop

uses 9 manual welding points. The department has recently invested in a new welding robot for sheet metal welding and also has a relatively new welding robot for inlay welding of high-alloy materials.  
The department employs the necessary equipment to buckle and cut sheet metal.

The Tools and Prototype Workshop

has a varied selection of equipment to produce production equipment (jigs and special measuring instruments) and prototypes for internal use, as well as for external customers.

The following can be mentioned:

  • CNC machines (turn and mill)
  • Grinding machines (round, plane and coordinate jig grinding machine)
  • Honing equipment
  • Coordinate jig boring machines
  • A varied selection of manual machines
  • Coordinate jig bores and jig grinding machines are located in a separate temperature controlled room.

In general, all departments have production equipment with a low average age and almost 100% trained personnel among their operators.