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Helicopter Maintenance and Overhaul

This department in the Aerostructures Division carries out repair, maintenance and overhaul of dynamic components for helicopters in civil and military service.

The department has had the necessary licences and authorisations for this type of assignment on the Sea King Rescue Helicopter and Lynx for more than 25 years.

The department has carried out work on the following components for Agusta Westland Sea King and Lynx:

  • Gear box, main motor
  • Main rotor head
  • Gear box, intermediate gear
  • Gear box, tail rotor
  • Tail rotor head

The department has previously been involved in maintenance of the following artillery:

  • L70 Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

The F16 project was a large programme for the department and it carried out assembly and maintenance of:

  • Adapter, Penguin MK3 missile
  • Air Circulation Equipment (Cooling Turbine)